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Pikkinokka Go Yer Own Way Sisu CH Pikkinokka\'s Bang Fer Yer Buck Double-R-Red-Rippe Double R Red Baron Finkkila\'s Nils Poika
Finkkila\'s Golden Roz
Finkkila\'s Lady Finkkila\'s Kim
Finkkila\'s II
Hall\'s Rose Finkkila\'s Kille Shag Am CH Jasmir
Am CH Finkkila\'s Red River
Hall\'s Snip Finkkila\'s Texas Pride
Finkkila\'s Gretta
Pikkinokka Kiki\'s Pixie Dust Pyräkkä Nasse Fin Hunt CH Lexan Remu Kesäniemen Rymy
Lexan Lippo
Fin Dual CH Pyräkkä Mona Fin Dual CH Eku
Fin Dual CH Kipakka Sussu
Pikkinokka\'s Faith N Trust Jayenn\'s Vanolite Ihme Am Can CH Pikkinokka\'s Nordisk Niccolite
Can CH Jayenn\'s Cohsa Vanda
Am Can CH Pikkinokka\'s Kaivo Wendy Can CH Niinkai
Can CH Jayenn\'s Foxa Toivo
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Mac achieved his Canadian Championship March 2017 at the Canadian Finnish Spitz Club booster. 

                         CHPIKKINOKKA GO YER OWN WAY SISU   

​                            Pikkinokka's Bang Fer Yer Buck X Pikkinokka's Kiki's Pixie Dust

Macs favorite hobbies are the things that come naturally to a Finnish Spitz. A good hunting dog who never misses an opportunity to find and alert us of any wildlife, especially birds. Mac was a terrific travelling companion on our trip to the World Dog Show in Helsinki, Finland. Out of a huge entry of 165 Finnish Spitz, Mac placed second in his class, receiving an excellent rating from judge Reino Korpela who is a long time Finnish Spitz fancier. 

Mac came to us as the pick male puppy from Pikkinokka kennels. He is an outgoing, inquisitive boy who has the hunting instinct that Finnish Spitz are known for.