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CH Meadowfarm\'s Just Can\'t Get Enough At Sisu CH Badger Mtn Orpheus Dion\'s Noblesse Oblige CH Ivory\'s Die Hard With A Vengeance CH Wrighteous Titanic Of Ivory Castle Rock\'s Meerchaum Pride
Wrighteous Hagar
Dandylion\'s Gars Garibe Girl CH Semper Fi Gropetti Gargoyle
CH Dandylion\'s Maggie Magee
Ch Silver\'s Lace At Dions CH Silver\'s Double Trouble CH Silver\'s Keeper Of The Stars
CH Silver\'s Captin Kickin Bootie
Silver\'s Delta Dixie Chick CH Belles Captin Hook
CH Silver\'s Joshua
Badger Mtn In The Mood Celtic\'s Sarge In Charge H Oaklane\'s This Bud\'s For Us CH Iron Hill Underthe Influence
CH Oak Lane\'s Image Of Dale
CH Ironclad Turrean Of Celtics CH AcornHill Uther Pendragon
Iron Hills Ironclad Alibi
Badger Mnt Caph Bint Moon CH Pleasantview Of Moonstone CH Moonstone Nobelest Rasputin
Britestar Daphne
CH Lionsire Reign De Justine Lionsire Harley Of Audley
Lionsire Gotcha Wrinkles Too
Meadowfarm\'s Oaklane Polaris Something Special CH Oaklane\'s This Bud\'s For Us CH Iron Hill Underthe Influence CH Iron Hills Portfolio CH Deer Run Semper Fi Thor CD
CH Iron Hill Earned Interest
Iron Hills One Drink Limit CH Sillars Ko Tyson
CH Iron Hills Spill The Wine
CH Oak Lane\'s Image Of Dale CH Oaklane Polaris Intimidator CH Argushill Medallion Delbert
CH Oaklane Polaris Pocohauntes CD
CH Oak Lane Jeremy\'s Lucy Oak Lane Shadow Shaka
CH Oak Lane Rose Bay Isis CD
Meadowfarm\'s Maid To Order CH Crossroad Pride Stroke O Luck CH Iron Hills In To The Night CH Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon
Kara Stonehage
CH Molly First Lady Of Buckhall Bagheera Debaskervilles
Lady Westfield Grizzly
CH Bel Aire Sandpebble CH Iron Hills In To The Night CH Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon
Kara Stonehage
CH Iron Hills Little Earthquake CH Matts Joshua Dogwood Knoll
CH Iron Hills Fixin To Start
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She won Best Puppy in sweeps at the Canadian Mastiff Club specialty and also Winners Female at the Canadian Mastiff Club specialty.

Fergie attained the Best of Breed in Specialty Show title at the Canadian Mastiff Club specialty show in 2016. This girl is so much fun and what makes it even better is that all of her accomplishments and ring time have been owner handled. 

​             BISS Am/Can Champion Meadowfarm's Just Can't Get Enough At Sisu

​                            Am Ch Badger Mnt Orpheus X Meadowfarm's Oaklane Polaris Something Special

In just a handful of shows and 4 majors, she finished her American championship.

As a youngster, Fergie won Best Puppy in Group several times and a Best Puppy in Show. 

Fergie is a wonderful addition to our family. Tom and Tami Sholes of Meadowfarm Mastiffs, entrusted us with this beautiful girl and we couldn't be more thankful. Fergie is a lovable and sweet girl who just wants to be with her people. She finished her Canadian championship quickly and attained her American championship with 4 majors. She was always owner handled in the ring and is such a joy to show.